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Is "Right to Work" Next on Walker's Agenda? Many are wondering if making Wisconsin a "Right to Work" state is next on Governor Scott Walker's agenda if he wins the recall election on June 5 (5/30).

More Jurists Agree: Only Thing Stopping Walker from Explaining E-mail System Is Scott Walker Scott Walker's refusals to discuss his 2010 campaign for governor run out of the Milwaukee County Executive's office have evolved from 'we're helping' to 'I'm not a target' to 'it's a distraction' to 'the DA told us not to explain how we're helping' (5/30).

Paul Ryan, Courageously fake According to Republicans, spending in of itself creates debt, that's why repubs like Rep. Paul Ryan constantly twist the truth with, "we don't have a revenue problem, the country has a spending problem" (5/30).

BREAKING: WisDems Research Contradicts Scott Walker Bid-Rigging Evasions In the face of bombshell revelations in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel today raising questions about Scott Walker's role in a bid-rigging scheme, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin Tuesday released internal county documents directly contradicting Walker's explanation of his role in the scandal (5/30).

Conservatives ramp up dirty tricks leading up to June 5 recall election. Just one week before voters head to the polls to cast their votes to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker, conservatives seem to be pulling out all the stops in their attempts to defend Gov. Walker (5/30).

There's Scott Walker, Smooth Debater; Then There's This Other Guy... People who watched the 2010 gubernatorial debates and last week's recall election face-off with Tom Barrett saw the even-toned, unflappable Scott Walker (5/30).

Walker once hailed recalls as democracy in action. Friday night's Wisconsin recall election debate began a series of odd exchanges between Republican Gov. Scott Walker and his Democratic challenger, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, over Walker's attitudes regarding direct democracy (5/30).

Walker raises $5 million in a month, bringing total to $30 million. Gov. Scott Walker raised more than $5 million in less than one month to fight off the June 5 recall against him, underscoring the fact that the election will be the most expensive in the state's history (5/30).

Scott Walker Pleads the Fifth with Voters – Bid Rigging Surfaces. To "plead the Fifth" is to refuse to answer a question because the response could provide self-incriminating evidence of an illegal act punishable by fines, penalties or forfeiture – This is what Walker is telling the citizens of Wisconsin when asked about the ongoing John Doe corruption probe just a week before a historic recall election (5/30).

Did ALEC Give Walker 3.4 Million for the Recall Election?. In March 2012, One Wisconsin Now released a report showing Governor Scott Walker had spent more time out of the state of Wisconsin than in the state working for the citizens. One Wisconsin Now pointed out Walker used approximately 600 hours of personal time from August 2011 to January 2012. So what was Scott Walker doing? (5/30)

Scott Walker's Recall Hypocrisy. Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who is facing a recall election, and Democratic challenger and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (left) talk before the start of the debate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, May 25, 2012. REUTERS/Darren Hauck (5/30).

Walker on his involvement in the Possible Bid-Rigging Investigation: "Nobody won the bids." Nothing to see here.... Scott Walker’s emails in a bid-rigging investigation appears to have someone a little concerned. Scott? Check out this unbelievable response…from what appears to be very guilty man. (5/30)

Walker Dumps More Money Into Criminal Defense Fund. JS Online Excerpt: (Bice) Gov. Scott Walker's campaign has transferred another $100,000 to the defense fund used to pay his pricey criminal defense lawyers in the lengthy John Doe investigation into activities during Walker's time as county executive (5/30).

Walker Increased Taxes on the Neediest Families. I ran across this sad example of how Walker "balanced" the state budget on the backs of the neediest Wisconsinites (5/30).

Walker Pads Those Jobs Numbers Again. A couple of weeks ago, Scott Walker channeled his inner Kathy Nickolaus and "found" 60,000 jobs. His illusion of job creation lasted only one day before reality set in and we found we had lost another 6,000 jobs (5/30).

Which law is Scott Walker talking about? [Embattled Wisconsin Republican governor Scott Walker] told TMJ-4 television Tuesday morning that he couldn't release the emails because of the ongoing investigation. "I can't by law. I'd be violating the law," Walker said (5/30)

Why Scott Walker Must Go: the Endless Parade of Lies . Scott Walker’s endless parade of lies is just one of many reasons that the Wisconsin governor has got to go (5/30).

Handy Guide to Walker Lies and Distortions in recent Recall Election Ads Granted, this could take all day since it’s almost impossible to keep up with the Walker Lying Machine (5/30).

FBI/John Doe corruption investigation becoming elephant in the room for Walker as Recall Election approaches. The FBI/John Doe investigation has taken a very dark and unfortunate turn for Scott Walker, just in time for his recall election (5/30).

Propaganda In Wisconsin [Part 2]: Carrying Walker’s Message. When Scott Walker made the decision to "divide and conquer" Wisconsin by implementing a radical extremist ALEC/Koch brother's agenda, polarizing the electorate more so than any other place in America; everyone involved with this effort to flip the Badger State red knew success would depend on large-scale media dissemination of their talking points and spin. This is propaganda (5/29.

Wisconsin's New Bad Idea . Wisconsin’s historic recall election has taken center stage in the state’s politics. Yet behind the recall curtain, the state struggles to manage damaging budget cuts enacted by Governor Scott Walker (5/29.

AFP - Americans for (middle class) Poverty are Coming!! The extreme right wing the Koch Brothers front group Americans for Prosperity is flooding our great state with money and out of state right wing thugs. Since we do not have Paul Revere to warn us when the redcoats are coming, we at CogDis will (5/29.

Koch Brothers' Americans For Prosperity Goes All Out in Wisconsin Recall--And Denies It! DC-based special interest group Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is busing-in out-of-state Tea Partiers and spending millions on advertisements, rallies, and phone banks in the weeks before recall elections for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, and four state senate seats (5/29.

Walker once hailed recalls as democracy in action. Friday night's Wisconsin recall election debate began a series of odd exchanges between Republican Gov. Scott Walker and his Democratic challenger, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, over Walker's attitudes regarding direct democracy (5/29.

Scott Walker John Doe Probe Leaves Veterans Questioning Many Things. These days there are more questions than Scott Walker seems to have answers for. The round of news stories and blog posts underscore the reason veterans are feeling dismay over the actions of Walker (5/29).

Walker Warned Us about those Out-of-Staters. It’s all because of those “outsiders.” Or so Scott Walker would have you believe. The 2011 protests were anything but, yet as usual, it’s opposite day every day in Republican world (5/29).

Recall Memo: June 5: Gov. Walker Invents Budget Surplus Ahead of the Vote. On May 10th, Governor Walker’s Administration released projections that indicated a budget surplus of $154.5 million before the end of current biennial budget period. This is in direct opposition to a previously expected deficit for the same period of $143 million (5/29).

Astroturf is Still Artificial. The Astroturf Koch Brother’s front group The German American Bund Americans for Prosperity is buying Illinois-ances lunch and dinner to come to Wisconsin to canvass for Governor Job Loss. Is the native support for Governor Job Loss so low that he has to rely on third parties to bus “supporters” to Wisconsin? (5/29)

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April 2012
Black Men Working: A Sustainability Issue, Part II
by Lisa Peyton-Caire

Lisa Peyton-CaireIn part I of my series on the struggles of Black men to secure gainful, living wage employment, I asserted that it is one of the most significant sustainability issues of our time. In order to resolve the longstanding dilemma of putting and keeping Black men in stable, family-supporting jobs, we must understand not only the roots of the problem, but the devastating impact of failing to find a solution on our collective lives as a community and society.

Sustainability as we understand the term today has come to refer to efforts to protect our planet and the ecological systems we depend on to breathe, live, and feed ourselves--actions that ultimately protect and sustain human life. As a body of knowledge, sustainability recognizes the undeniable interdependence that exists between humankind and our natural environment.

Poor air quality, polluted water, and shrinking supplies of previously plentiful natural resources, all consequences of human actions, directly impact human health and our viability as a species to endure. To achieve 'sustainability' requires that we consciously and constantly engage in a set of actions and decisions that work together to support and preserve the greater goal of enabling natural and human life to persist indefinitely and in balance with one another.

I believe we must take the same philosophical and practical approach to solving the chronic under-employment and depression-era unemployment rates now confronting Black men and boys here in Madison, in the State of Wisconsin, and nationally. The disparities are glaring and indicative of a social ecology terribly out of balance and with devastating consequences not only for the African American community, but to our community as a whole.

When Black men cannot secure meaningful, stable, family-sustaining work over long periods of time, families are destabilized, children are put under duress, communities are stressed, and local economies suffer.

We need not look far to see the evidence of this in deteriorating urban and rural communities, in the disparities in school achievement and outcomes for low-income African American youth, in the disparities in home ownership, business ownership, and long-term wealth development in the Black community, and in the over-representation of Black men and boys among the incarcerated in Wisconsin and nationally.

These consequences wreak havoc not only on the Black community, but on society at large, creating the need for services and interventions that are not only costly, but largely ineffective in solving the core problem.

Critical to our ability to solve the crisis of Black male unemployment is our recognition and acceptance of it as a collective challenge, not a 'Black community' problem as it is often couched incorrectly. Likewise, we must place in the proper historical context, and acknowledge the larger socio-political arrangements that have contributed to where we are today, including 400 years of slavery, followed by nearly 90 years of Jim Crow laws that permitted systemic legalized discrimination against African Americans in all arenas of public and legal life, and lingering discriminatory practices in hiring that persist today.

In a word, race more than any other factor continues to shape the employment prospects of Black men and boys in 2012. The question is, what will we do about it as a community?

How will we as a whole community work across the boundaries of race and class to undo institutional attitudes, policies and practices that continue to place Black men and boys at a gross disadvantage as breadwinners and contributors to the economic bottom-line? These answers must come quickly.

Part III will be in May Issue

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